The mind acquires what the heart desires.

It’s PEOPLE, not demos or rating points that buy things. So, at Synapse, we believe that traditional media is best used to connect you to your customers emotionally. Do this repeatedly, and you will earn a permanent place in the hearts and minds of your customers. You might say traditional media can move your brand from RAM, that gets erased every time you turn off your computer, to the hard drive of the mind, where it lives on.

There are lot’s of tactics and techniques to employ, but every marketing strategy, to be whole, requires both a focus on gathering your immediate “Sell it to me NOW” opportunities and also a plan to reach the larger market with emotionally sticky, memorable, commercials over traditional media channels.

We have an ‘inside the ropes’ feel for how media and media buying works because most of us have been inside the business as media sales people for decades. Our strategy is to buy the largest audience we can reasonably afford, then use words, story telling, images, colors, sound shadows, darkness and light to grab attention and keep it.

We believe in frequency and repetition. We also believe you should only bite off what you can chew. Don’t over spend on traditional media. Think of it like a seed you plant: Lay it in, nurture it and let it grow.

Buy the largest audience with as much frequency as you can afford, connect emotionally and watch the results grow as your brand grows over the years.

To learn more about how your specific message can resonate deeply with PEOPLE, give us a shout.